About us

Opened in April 2016, Cocotte conceptualizes the « living the farm » experience by creating a farm-oriented restaurant in Bangkok. Definitively close to its suppliers, Cocotte’s main ambition is to provide quality Organic & Local products to its customers. Cocotte is not only offering a large range of roasted meat, organic vegetables, tasty cheeses, and fine wines, but also a unique farm-like atmosphere in the heart of Bangkok.

Pesca is a market-to-table concept, offering a great selection of fresh products, carefully selected with the help of passionate fishermen, farmers, butchers and cheese artisans. From our amazing seafood to our juicy steak and organic vegetables and not to mention a luxurious display of cheese and cold cuts. This united diversity opens doors for our talented and prized chefs allowing them to express their full creativity in the kitchen, taking you on a mouth-watering journey.


Mozza By Cocotte offers a great selection of premium Italian products. Pasta and Pizza but also cheeses and, cold-cuts. Comfort food oriented, the venue brings back the memories of a typical Italian cuisine "come la faceva la nonna”.


Lola by Cocotte is an Italian-American restaurant. That combines the original flavors of Italian and American to make it remarkably compatible. The food menu is still served with meticulousness in the selection of raw materials.


Hospitality Management Asia was founded back in 2007 by Mr.Verdon, Mr.Jolivet, and Mr.Hulot. Today, the group handles 20 International restaurants in Thailands’ main touristic areas such as Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok. Through close market studies and understanding of our base clientele, we were able to develop unique and attractive concepts by highlighting the quality of each product and ensuring the best service. HMA is an ever-growing and ever-changing group, making them one of the serious players in the Tourism & Hospitality industry.